Sleep Apnea in Farmington Hills, MI

Tired of sleepless nights?

Sick of your CPAP?

Get the effective sleep apnea treatment that you need!

Loud snoring, chronic grogginess, morning headaches? sleep apnea may be to blame.

Sleep apnea sufferers experience disruptions in breathing when they’re asleep. Some patients stop breathing as many as 100 times in a single night. The cause of sleep apnea is frustratingly simple; once the patient falls asleep, relaxed oral tissues fall into his or her airway, and make it difficult for the patient to get enough oxygen.

Chronic sleep apnea increases your risk of suffering from a number of health issues, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart failure
  • Diabetes
  • Memory and concentration problems
  • Depression
  • Stroke

Prompt and effective sleep apnea care can help you get a good night’s sleep, and minimize your risk of developing sleep apnea-related health problems. Our dental team provides simple, patient-friendly sleep apnea solutions, and alternatives to traditional CPAP treatment.

Why do so many people choose our MayFair dentists for Sleep Apnea treatment?

CPAP Alternatives

Sick of the dreaded CPAP? We’re here to help! Our team treats sleep apnea using simple, patient-friendly oral appliances. Sleep apnea mouthpieces, like the Silent Nite® appliance, gently reposition the patient’s lower jaw in order to prevent airway obstructions. You don’t have to settle for the CPAP machine; there is a better way!

Advanced Technology

The innovative technologies that we use in our office allow us to treat obstructive sleep apnea more effectively and conveniently than ever before. By using CT scans in conjunction with digital imaging software, we are able to clearly assess the patient’s airway and problematic obstructions. We take the guesswork out of sleep apnea treatment.

Customized Care

Lasting sleep apnea relief occurs when our dental team is able to address the patient’s unique airway obstruction and breathing dysfunction. Using a nighttime oral appliance, improving bite alignment, and/or removing wisdom teeth can all improve sleep apnea. Our sleep apnea team is here to help you build a personalized treatment plan that works for you, as an individual.